This site is for Fish, Egg, Seed, Nursery licensing and Apiary Registration only.

For other licensing sites please visit Idaho Department of Agriculture

To purchase a Fish, Egg, Seed, Nursery license or Apiary registration or to update your company information, please log in or register using the links above.

Once you request access to your records, an ISDA representative will contact you. This verification will take place during ISDA's regular working hours. After you receive access, you can click on the My Licenses link in the menu bar and view your records.

For Fish or Egg license questions, please contact Animal Industries at (208)332-8540.

For Apiary or Nursery renewal questions, please contact Plant Industries at (208)332-8621.

For Seed Dealer Licensing questions, please contact the ISDA Seed Lab at (208) 332-8630.